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gdBI is Greg Davey Business Intelligence

Welcome to my web site!

I help organisations manage the delivery of analytic, business intelligence, and enterprise data warehouse products. Products include dashboards, reports, self-service data discovery, semantic layers, data marts, data warehouses, and ETL.

I treat anything that is stakeholder or user facing as one big software product. Dashboards, reports, self-service data discovery … they are all one product. Just like Tableau, BusinessObjects, Qlik, PowerBI, etc are treated as products … why not treat your own in-house dashboards, semantic layers, and reports as a stakeholder/user product? And treat all the back end components, datamarts, data warehouse, and ETL as part of that product.

I help manage in-house analytic, business intelligence and data warehouse products in an agile approach.

In the analytics, business intelligence, and data warehouse space, I help provide the glue between stakeholders, users, designers, and developers.  And, also the glue between the analytics project team and the analytics business-as-usual team (that said … preferably they should be one team!).

I've been in the analytics, business Intelligence, and data warehouse space for over 25 years. Developer, designer, business analyst, salesperson, consultant, strategist, trainer, and all sorts of weird and wonderful gigs that I cannot remember or cannot put a title to. I bring this all together and get great pleasure in helping organisations deliver all things analytics/BI/data warehouse to a higher quality and more frequently. I get the squeaky-wheel business users, stakeholders, and executives off your back!

You will get a return on your analytics investment.

I’ve helped Northern Territory Government: Power and Water Corporation (including helping to highlight the opportunity to reduce inventory by millions of dollars), Department of Corporate and Information Services, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, and Department of Housing and Community Development.

And when I'm not spending time on product management for analytics, business intelligence and data warehouses ... I spend time with my beautiful wife and our three energetic and gorgeous children.  And I try to squeeze in a bit of swimming and bike riding.

And my final home page commentary is a discussion on the English language ...

If your flavour of English is American English then you might think there are spelling mistakes in my web site.  And there may well be! However, be aware that I use Australian English, which to the best of my knowledge is the same as UK English, New Zealand English, and Canadian English. Organisations visualise the colour grey ... is Australian English.

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What my clients saying about me...

We were asking “so what?” for some of our reports.  The dashboard business goal to dashboard mock-up process, that Greg took us through, helped us to answer the “so what?” and then visualise it.

Luke Twyford

General Manager – Enabling Services Group

Department of Children and Families, Northern Territory Government